Rates and Policies



We request that 2 working copies of your keys be provided at the meet and greet. One key will travel with the sitter and one will be kept in the office as a back-up. If you would prefer to have us pick up the keys at a later time, a $25 pick-up fee will be applied. If you would like the keys returned after the visits, an additional $25 return fee will be applied. If you choose to have us hold on to your keys, they will be stored safely and securely for future visits. Alternatively, you can set up a secure lockbox to leave the keys in for use during the visits.


Cancellations within 24 hours before the start of your visits will be due in full. For holiday visits, the fee for visits cancelled within 7 days of the start of visits will be 50% of the total visits. There is no refund for visits cancelled due to returning home early from your trip.

Returning home

Please contact us when you get home from your trip so we know all is well. If we don't hear from you after the last scheduled visit, we will return for another paid visit to check in on your pets and make sure they're alright, in case something went wrong and you weren't able to return home as scheduled. 

Supply pick-up

If you need us to pick up supplies while you are away, a fee of $25 plus the costs of the cost of the items will be applied.


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Photos of your pets may be shared on our social media, website, and marketing materials. No identifying information other than the first name of your pet will be shared. Follow along on Facebook or Instagram to see pictures of your pet!

2018 Holiday Pricing

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Rates for each service will increase by $5 for the following holidays

  • Martin Luther King Day (January 11-January 17)

  • President's Day (February 15-February 21)

  • Memorial Day (May 24-May 30)

  • 4th of July (July 2-July 6)

  • Labor Day (August 30-September 5)

  • Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples' Day (October 5-October 10)

  • Thanksgiving (November 18-November 27)

  • Christmas and New Years (December 20-January 3)


Services and Rates

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30 minute drop-in visit or dog walk...Rates $25 and up per visit, maximum 3 visits per day. Rates are based on service area and frequency of visits.

During a 30 minute drop-in visit, I will visit your home and spend a full 30 minutes taking care of your pet including feeding, cleaning litter pans, cleaning general pet area, going for a walk, spending time in an enclosed yard, and play time. 

Package deal: For clients who commit to 3 or more visits per week from Monday through Friday on an on-going basis, the cost of each visit will be reduced to $25 per visit.

To book services, head over to the Schedule a Meet and Greet page!

Referral Discount

Refer a friend, and both you and your friend will get one free drop-in visit!


Other Services

Pet Grooming and Transportation with High Mantenance Pet Spa!

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If you’re in need of a dog groomer, we recommend our friend Tristian Ranson and his business High Manetenance Pet Spa! Tristian does pick-up and drop-off pet grooming for both cats and dogs throughout the Bay Area! He’s been in the business for 7 years now. Feel free to check out his Instagram, and please reach him at (510) 679-8658.


Dog Training with the Canine-Kid Connection!

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Dog not listening to you? Pulling on leash? Jumping up on visitors? Does your dog need a training refresher? Imagine your dog calm, responsive to you, and well-behaved. It can happen!

With over 25 years’ experience in dog training, owner Jane Rosenblum, CTC, can help fix your dog problems. I come to your home, help you with any problems you have, and transform your dog into the dog you’ve always wanted. And if children live in your home, or visit, I have years of expertise working with families with dogs and children. To reach Jane, email at caninekid@earthlink.net, or call (510) 869-3799. Website is www.caninekidconnection.com.