Organization Of The Month: January 2019

OneLife Institute

PHOTO: OneLife Institute

PHOTO: OneLife Institute

Rebecca Marlin Pet Care will donate 10% of each month's profits to a different organization doing local social justice work and/or work related to animals. The organization will be listed and promoted here on the website and on social media. If you would like your organization to be involved or have an idea for an organization to donate to, please contact Rebecca at Preference will be given to people-of-color-led organizations that provide direct services to marginalized communities.

This month, to support spirituality and social transformation in Oakland, 10% of January's profits will go to OneLife Institute.

From OneLife Institute’s website:

OneLife serves at the intersection of spirituality and social action. We nurture, inspire, and sustain people committed to healing and justice. Through workshops, retreats, events, resources, counseling and consultation services we provide a place where those on the front lines of social change and community service can be supported and renewed.

Since 2004, our work has centered three primary goals: (1) Increasing the well being of individuals and communities living under the stress of poverty, violence, oppression and uncertain times; (2) Enhancing the sustainability and integrity of movements for social transformation and community uplift; (3) Fostering an ever-growing Beloved Community.

OneLife is a place where healers can heal and leaders can lean. Where those on the front lines of social change and community service can be supported and renewed. Where people from different walks of life can come together and create community. We maintain a commitment to at least 75% people of color participation at every level of the organization, and to full accessibility for low income individuals.