Organization Of The Month: December 2018

Urban Tilth

 PHOTO: Urban Tilth

PHOTO: Urban Tilth

Rebecca Marlin Pet Care will donate 10% of each month's earnings to a different organization doing local social justice work and/or work related to animals. The organization will be listed and promoted here on the website and on social media. If you would like your organization to be involved or have an idea for an organization to donate to, please contact Rebecca at Preference will be given to people-of-color-led organizations that provide direct services to marginalized communities.

This month, to support sustainable agriculture in West Contra Costa County, 10% of December's earnings will go to Urban Tilth.

From Urban Tilth’s About Us page:

Urban Tilth cultivates agriculture in west Contra Costa County to help our community build a more sustainable, healthy, and just food system. We hire and train residents to work with schools, community-based organizations, government agencies, businesses, and individuals to develop the capacity to produce 5% of our own food supply.

Founded in 2005 to help build a more sustainable, healthy, and just local food system, Urban Tilth has emerged as a local leader, a catalyst drawing together a variety of individual, discrete initiatives into a web of integrated, food- and community-focused efforts. In sum, we farm, feed, forage, teach, train, build community, employ, and give back. We help our community grow our own food; train and employ our own young people as “home grown experts”; teach our local residents about the relationships among food, health, poverty, and justice; and forge partnerships with local small farmers to increase demand for their produce.

We use our 7 school and community gardens and small urban farms to teach and employ community members to grow, distribute, cook, and consume thousands of pounds of local produce each year, to create a more equitable and just food system within a healthier and more self-sufficient community.

Urban Tilth is a member of the following national and local coalitions and collaboratives:

  • US Food Sovereignty Alliance (Co-chair Western Region)

  • Climate Justice Alliance (Member of Food Sovereignty Working Group)

  • Our Power Richmond Coalition (Steering committee member

  • Cooperation Richmond (Co-founder and steering committee member)

  • Friends of the Richmond Greenway