Organization Of The Month: May 2019

Creepy Critters Rescue

PHOTO: Creepy Critters Rescue

PHOTO: Creepy Critters Rescue

Rebecca Marlin Pet Care will donate 10% of each month's profits to a different organization doing local social justice work and/or work related to animals. The organization will be listed and promoted here on the website and on social media. If you would like your organization to be involved or have an idea for an organization to donate to, please contact Rebecca at Preference will be given to people-of-color-led organizations that provide direct services to marginalized communities.

This month, one of our team members, Shaudia, lost her beloved pet bearded dragon, Dexter. In honor of Dexter’s passing, we are donating 10% of May’s profits to Creepy Critters Rescue.

From the Creepy Critters Rescue website:

We rescue, rehab, and rehome any reptile or arthropod in need no matter how sick, injured, or aggressive. We turn no animal in need away. Using our own money we heal, socialize, and find forever homes for these amazing, misunderstood critters.

We also run educational programs for schools, communities, and organizations. We have done reptile and arthropod workshops for  the Silicon Valley Humane Society, Schmahl Science Workshops, Girl Scouts of America, Boy Scouts of America, and many charter schools, public schools, private schools, and homeschool groups. 

We have a several 1/4 acre enclosed slider sanctuaries and are taking in new sliders daily so they can live out natural lives.

We are funded by donations from our community. We depend on these donations to continue our mission.