Organization Of The Month: October 2019

Transformed, Elevated, & Achieved (T.E.A.) Academy

PHOTO: T.E.A. Academy

PHOTO: T.E.A. Academy

Rebecca Marlin Pet Care will donate 10% of each month's profits to a different organization doing local social justice work and/or work related to animals. The organization will be listed and promoted here on the website and on social media. If you would like your organization to be involved or have an idea for an organization to donate to, please contact Rebecca at Preference will be given to people-of-color-led organizations that provide direct services to marginalized communities.

This month, we are donating 10% of October’s profits to the T.E.A. Academy to support their mission of providing mentorship and empowerment to young girls 12-16 years of age in Richmond.

From their About page:

Transformed, Elevated, & Achieved (T.E.A.) Academy was founded by Tracy Youngston. This program was founded because through her journey there were people that invested, poured, warred, and believed on her behalf that made it a little more possible each day. Supporting, non-judging people, who see the "where I am going" versus the "where I am now" is what girls need. Tracy wants to impact the world, girls of all ages and ethnicity because they all need it. She will not stop until she do so. One girl at a time. 

Our Mission

Transformed, Elevated, & Achieved (T.E.A.) Academy is a 501C (3) nonprofit organization, providing mentorship and empowerment for young girls 12-16 years of age. It invites and leverages girls' strengths and develop awareness and management of their emotions, set and achieve important personal and academic goals, use social awareness, and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships.

Our Mission is to strengthen the lives of young girls through empowerment and mentorship.


Being a leader is not just a title but a lifestyle. Our girls have the opportunity to become mentors to assist other young girls through the same transformation process in their lives. 


The equation looks like this:
You + Where You Are = Complete Success

T.E.A. Time Brunch, Mother/Daughter retreat, community service project, Family Fun day event, Mad City Mad Money, Great America, Movie Night, Bowling, Skate Night. 


Our workshops and discussions have target outcomes of developing social-emotional skills resulting in our girls to have increased self-esteem, greater self worth, improved relational development and communication skills with peers, parents, and authority figures.